Major Reasons Why Your Dryer Makes Weird Noises

We are taught with advice such as “a few hard knocks will do the trick” and “Have you tried unplugging it and then plugging it back in?” But, honestly speaking, we would all admit that we have tried doing these old hacks as our last resort to fix something. And, sometimes, these hacks might even seem to temporarily work. This means that we would keep on doing these habits over again once our appliances won’t work. But once your dryer starts to make some noise, there is a possibility that it needs a bit more than just a few hard knocks or a “reset.” Below are some of the major reasons why your dryer makes particular strange noises: 


While you run your dryer and you can observe a thumping noise, it could be caused by the drive belt. The drive belt covers over the dryer drum, the drive motor, and the tension pulley and it’s in charge of turning the dryer drum. As time passes by, the drive belt could become inflexible, brittle, and frayed, which can lead to a thumping sound while the drier turns. To know whether the drive belt is really the reason for the thumping sound, you should inspect the belt for signs of fraying and wear. 

Thumping and squealing 

Usually, once the drum rollers are already worn-out, it can cause a combination of squealing and thumping noise. A lot of dryers have approximately 2 drum support rollers behind the drum and some have 4—2 in the front and back. You can simply check once your drum rollers are worn out by eliminating them from the shaft. Make sure to inspect the rollers and the shafts themselves for indications of wear. 

Thumping and a loud roar 

If you have a worn, blocked, or loose blower wheel, it could cause a thumping noise with a loud roar. The blower wheel is in charge of managing air through your dryer, to the exhaust vent from the heating chamber. In the majority of the machines, blower wheels can usually be seen linked to the shaft of the motor. A blower wheel may wobble on the motor shaft or lint or an object could be caught in the blower wheel. To inspect the blower wheel, you’ll have to look for indicators of wear at the wheel’s hub or the shaft’s junction.  

Squeaking and squealing 

Once your dryer makes a squeaking or squealing sound, there is a possibility that you will need a new bearing, which is available in 2 types: a ball-and-socket kind behind the drum or a shaft linked to a sleeve bushing. To inspect the drum bearing, you’ll have to take out the dryer belt and attempt to turn the drum using your hand. Once the drum still produces such grinding or squealing noises, the drum bearing more likely needs to be replaced. 

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