Reasons to Refresh Your Mulch in Spring

If you’ve got native plants that you want to survive, mulch can help a lot. It helps your plants recover from a long winter, prevents pests, and also acts as a fertilizer.  

Of course, you can install ground covers, such as mulch, all-year-round. However, a lot of professionals don’t recommend installing it during winter. Though you can always install mulch in the fall and summer, most Landscaping Stafford VA professionals recommend doing it in the spring.  

Here are several reasons why you have to refresh your mulch in the spring: 

It Encourages the Growth of New Plants 

Mulch will encourage the growth of new plants if you want to try to plant new plants this spring. The reason for this is that it offers structural support to the seedlings. You are basically providing the seedling an advantage and enabling them to reach their complete growth potential.  

In addition to that, you are also preventing weeds from competing and growing with your plants. Thus, your new plants will not have any competitors when it comes to nutrients.  

Finally, you can also encourage biological activity. You are inviting plant-friendly creatures, such as micro-organisms and earthworms to your landscape beds.  

It Helps Save Money  

Without a doubt, mulch provides excellent visual benefits. However, mulch also offers functional benefits that a couple of homeowners might not be aware of.  

For those who don’t know, mulch can retain a lot of water. Since it blocks the access of soil to the sun, it lowers moisture evaporation. Furthermore, it also does an excellent job of avoiding water runoff. 

Your landscape will need more water as it starts to heat up. You’ll be providing your lawn the best possible opportunity at water retention if you replenish your mulch. With this, you will not have to water your lawn as often. Obviously, less watering means a lower water bill.  

In several areas, the rainy season happens in the summertime. Your soil will be able to retain all the rain more effectively if you get a head start on mulch installation in the spring.  

It Helps Restore the Aesthetic Appeal of your Lawn 

Spring is the ideal time to rejuvenate the look of your lawn after a bare winter. With the help of a professional mulch installation service, you can easily restore the aesthetic appeal of your lawn.  

A couple of the most popular mulch options include dyed mulch and shredded hardwood. Of course, a professional landscaping company can help you select the best type of mulch that really suits the layout and needs of your lawn.  

Mulch is an ideal way to improve the look of your landscape after the suppressed growth that winter might have provided.  

Pinestraw and wood mulch breaks down over time. Because of this, your lawn will need a new layer. This is particularly true during spring. Whenever this happens, you have to replenish your mulch as soon as possible to gain all of the benefits again. You can always contact a professional for help: 

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